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WHO IS DONALD TRUMP? A Short Biography of the Life and Times of Donald Trump. (Short Biographies of the Candidates Running for President in 2016 — Book 13)



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Who is Donald Trump?

The Short Biography of the Life and Times of Donald Trump.

He is bold, brash and says what he thinks. What he thinks seems to resonate with a large number of people. Could he be your next President?

Donald Trump has flirted with the idea of running for president for about twenty years now. Because he is such a shrewd businessman, no one expected him to run this time. But, Donald Trump is a man who has built a life on accomplishing the unexpected. Now worth over ten billion dollars, he can have the funds for to say what he wants without its have an effect on in his life. He can personally have the funds for to finance the largest presidential campaign in history. He can at all times point to his business record and his books, including THE ART OF THE DEAL, to demonstrate that what he thinks has worked. He is passionate and persuasive, fiercely pro-American and has more real-life accomplishments than anyone who has ever sought to turn into presidennt. This book gives insights into both the accomplishments and the character of “The Donald.” It is peppered with witty and penetrating quotations that demonstrate that there is more to this man than fluffy hair hanging over his forehead.

In Who is Donald Trump? The Short Biography of the Life and Times of Donald Trump you’re going to learn:

  • His family and boyhood experiences, including success in high school athletics at New York Military Academy
  • His struggle to make a decision whether he wanted to get a degree in film production or business
  • His completion of a degree in Economics from the prestigious Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania
  • His early business successes in his father’s construction and real estate business, especially dealing with NYC government
  • His three marriages and the arrival of his five children.
  • His all-too-rapid expansion of his business and near bankruptcy in 1991
  • His umbrella organization of businesses, even beyond real estate development and entertainment
  • His past political opportunities and choices and what he sees as his biggest advantage over other candidates: “I’m very rich.”

Clearly, Donald Trump differs greatly from the other candidates. You may believe him tough and brutal, but he is the businessman who managed to expand the Trump Empire. He precisely understands “who is a good friend to America” and “who is the worst enemy.” Why? The answer is obvious. Trump is a skilled economist and strategist who created a powerful empire. He would be decided to expand the economic opportunities for America and make sure that no enemy dared oppose us. That may sound belligerent, but for The Donald, being belligerent has worked.

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