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Waking Up: To Who You Really Are (If You Dare)



Waking up is a vulnerable 27-page expose of the personal journey the creator and most who call themselves Christian find themselves on in this life. A journey full of inconsistencies that are unsustainable and eventually lead to a fractured worldview. And yet that same journey can lead to a radical rediscovery of love, peace and identity in a world blurred by confusion, unworthiness and anxiety.

“If there is one elephant in the room among most of us who call ourselves Christian, it is that what we think and say we imagine and what we in fact experience are all too incessantly two, radically different realities,” the creator writes. “Mockingly, we ourselves are incessantly the last to see this disparity.”

We claim to be saved in the next life, but are we able to find peace in the storms that get up against us in this life? The answer is an unequivocal yes. But that yes means looking at ourselves and the world around us another way which leads to a new way of being on the planet. So take a look. See what millions of Christians are now seeing.

This short booklet is a call for participation for all who can relate with the creator’s writing to take the journey themselves through A.D 33, a radical novel of discovery, and The Forgotten Way Meditations, 21 short reflections on life that will change the way you see yourself and the world.

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