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Prayer: The 45 Transformational Morning Prayers: Every Christian Will Find Energy and Encouragement in These Morning Prayers (Inspirational Christianity Self Help Life Application)



Find Solace and Wisdom in These Essential Morning Prayers

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The 45 Transformational Morning Prayers That Will Inspire You helps you bear in mind what prayer is, the several types of prayer, and how You’ll be able to include this practice in your daily life. With powerful and uplifting language, this book helps you open a channel to God, build a relationship with Him, and be transformed by the power of prayer.

This inspirational book is more than just a book of morning prayers. It helps you bear in mind many of traditional prayers from scripture, and how to listen to what God is saying back to you. You’ll come back to this book over and over for its wisdom, compassion, and wealth of beautiful prayers from across the ages.

In this book, you are going to discover a collection of prayers for starting your day. It includes traditional and historical prayers, popular prayers spoken by millions across the world on a daily basis, and personal prayers shared here for the very first time. You’ll be able to also use these prayers as inspiration to create your own—or to speak freely with the Lord in the moment.

In addition to these prayers, this book also offers advice on how to best enter the presence of God through prayer. It shares ideas and tips for making daily morning prayer a regular a part of your life.

Jesus Himself taught us to pray on a daily basis. It is the hope of the writer that this book helps you make prayer a daily habit that stays with you during the rest of your life.

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