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Prayer: 100 Powerful Prayers to Keep Your Faith in Hard Times (Prayer, Faith in God, Christian Prayers, Bible)



Put Yourself in the Hands of God

This book provides prayers that you can pray especially when storms come into your life. These storms may not come on the scale of a flood or a major disaster, but they may bring sorrow and pain – an illness, a death in the family, or even separation and betrayal. But in the course of all these painful experiences and hard times, there are prayers that you can pray to the Father and with the help of the Holy Spirit. In order to continue to exist, there will have to be spiritual preparation.

When you build yourself in the foundation of God’s Word and promises, you can find safety despite the downpour, you can find inner peace, and most of all, weather the storm. So start preparing yourself for the storms that are sure to come: pray hard, read the Bible, and make stronger your relationship with God. The 100 powerful prayers in this book will help you get through the most trying times of your life. So when the tempest strikes, you are confident that you are going to have shelter in God. You are going to not fear of anything because You know that the Lord is with You. Just call on Him in prayer. He hears your every cry, He knows every tear you shed, and even the deepest longings of your heart. Agree with in Him.

In this book, you can find..

  • Personal Prayers in Keeping the Faith throughout Hard Times
  • Family Prayers in Times of Trials and Problems
  • Daily Prayers for the Sick and Spiritual Healing
  • Benevolent Prayers for Financial Troubles
  • Prayer for Everyday Battles
  • Hope, Faith, Love and Protection, Everyday in Your Life!

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