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Donald Trump: How He Won the 2016 Election: And the Secrets of His Political Campaign’s Unprecedented Success



Donald Trump, sometimes called ‘The Donald’, has been making headlines all over the place the globe since he took over his father’s company in 1971. Over the last 40 years, he has been one of the vital darlings of the media, and has never been too far away from the spotlight. His many forays into the real estate and investment world brought him worldwide acclaim and though the business magnate has had a couple of failures along the way, he has at all times come out on top. He at all times seems to go from strength to strength, constantly making the best of what many may see as a bad situation.

However, his business savvy has not been restricted to investments and real estate, and he has spread his influence to many other facets of our lives, including entertainment (with shows like The Apprentice and its more than a few spin-offs, as well as more than a few beauty pageants such as Miss USA) and politics.

Many of us that would assume that this is Donald Trump’s first time attempting to capture our hearts and minds on the political stage. Alternatively, that is not the case. Politics is something that has been close to his heart for more than 20 years. Most of his previous contributions to politics have been in the form of campaign contributions to both parties. Alternatively, other than in the year 2000 (when he attempted to run for the Reform Party USA), Donald Trump has at all times expressed desire to run for president on a Republican Party ticket, something that may well grow to be a reality in the coming months.

In this book, we shall look at the different ways that Donald Trump has contributed to politics, both in word and deed. We shall also take a close look at why he has such a high approval rating among GOP supporters, and why it is entirely conceivable that in 2016, the American people will have the ability to call him ‘President-Elect Donald J. Trump’.

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