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Donald Trump: Lessons We Can Learn From Donal Trump



Who Is Donald Trump? 1

The Donald 3

The Trump Brand Premium 9

Trump Promotion 10

Donald Trump and Australia 10

Astrology and Donald Trump 11

What Makes Donald Trump Successful? 13

Donald Trump’s Leadership Style 15

How Can I Do It? 17

What Separates The Winners From The Losers 18

Build Consider 19

Be A Visionary 19

Give Your Higher Self a Chance 19

Trump Views His Work As An Art Form 20

Think Like a Genius 22

Discover and Live Your Purpose 23

Master The Details 25

Be Persistent 25

Love What You’re Doing 26

Think Big 27

Play On Perception 28

The Trump Name and Brand 29

Trust Your Instincts 30

Charisma 32

Influence 33

Build Relationships 33

The Donald and Zuck 34

Donald Trump and President Barack Obama 35

Donald Trump’s Top Ten Tips For Success 36

Six Life Lessons From Donald Trump 37

Donald Trump And The Art Of The Deal 38

Deal Making Advice From Donald Trump 41

Trump Trumps Manhattan 42

40 Wall Street – “How could I lose?” 43

Go Against The Tide 44

Trump and The Wollman Skating Rink 45

Donald Trump’s Property Making an investment Strategies 46

Articulate The Message 47

Nip and Tuck 47

Trump National Drive 47

Trump and The House Of Kluge 48

Donald trumps the wind? 50

Trump Deal for a New York City Golf Course 51

Donald Trump’s $100 million house 52

More Trump Golf 52

Donald Trump and Bankruptcy 53

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss 55

Only Trump had the grit, drive, and imagination 57

Property Options 59

How are you able to ‘sell’ real estate if you do not own (buy) it first? 60

What are Options on real estate or real estate Options? 60

An example of an Option 61

Mark Rolton 62

Control may also be far more powerful than ownership 62

Mark Rolton’s five criteria for ideal Options 63

How much deposit must I pay for an Option? 65

Using Other Peoples’ Money (OPM) 65

Options for success – money from thin air 66

Millions in Rockie 67

Raising the dam level 67

Some real estate tips from Mark Rolton 68

Negotiating Options 69

The Churn Principle 70

Cycles in the real estate market 73

Key Legalities 75

Option Combinations 76

Instant Equity – Land Banking 81

Did you know that the big property developers are repeatedly

making windfall profits from Land Banking? 82

The Positives of Land Banking 85

Land Appreciates Faster Than Buildings 86

The Power Of Price Controlled Staged Released New Estates 87

Land Banking Tips 88

Option Contracts 90

How To Buy Property In The united states 93

Trump: ‘This is the Time to Buy a House’ 94

Did you know the U.S. housing market has

suffered it’s biggest crash ever? 95

What caused this situation in the U.S.? 97

How did the housing crisis in the U.S. happen? 98

Why used to be the U.S. housing bubble bursting so harmful? 99

Where in the U.S. must we be Making an investment? 100

Our Bus Tour 102

Did you know that for an outlay of $333,000 on

U.S. property at a net return of 15% will provide an income

of $50,000 per annum? 104

Lou Harty 105

Four Categories of U.S. Properties 106

Can I Make Tax Free Capital Gains On U.S. Property? 107

Lehman Brothers 107

The Subprime Meltdown 109

The Mess 112

Biggest Culprit: The Lenders 112

Partner In Crime: Homebuyers 113

Investment Banks Worsen the Situation 114

Rating Agencies: Imaginable Conflict of Interest 115

Fuel to the Fire: Investor Behavior 116

Final Culprit: Hedge Funds 116

Plenty of Blame to Go Around 116

Quotes From The Donald 133

Trump On Real Estate 134

Trump On Life 134

Trump On Money 135

Trump On Investments 136

Trump On Politics 136

Trump On China 137

Trump On His TV Shows 138

Trump On Work 138

Trump On Petrol (Gasoline) 139

Trump On Deal Making 139

Trump On Thinking Big 141

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