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7 Chakra Jap Mala Rosary Prayers 108-beads Necklace (3:3)

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7 Chakra Jap Mala Rosary Prayers 108-beads Necklace (3:3)
Size :- 5-6 mm
Total Beads: 108

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Hold your mala in your right hand (in India the left hand is thought of as impure) and use your thumb to “count” each mantra by touching the bead all through the recitation and then lightly pulling the bead towards you on completion and moving to the next bead. The index finger is extended and will have to not touch the mala. The large meru (mountain) bead will have to not be counted or touched by the thumb and is used as a starting and ending point of the recitation. When you have a wrist mala of 27 beads it is very important repeat this 3 more times. Continue by pulling the beads and going backwards until you again end at the meru and continue until you have done 108 repetitions, or multiples of 108. To empower the mala and the mantra used, japa (mantra meditation) will have to be practiced every day for 40 continuous days. When the mala becomes empowered it may be worn or lightly placed on oneself or others to transmit the energy of the mantra as well as the energetic qualities of the mala. When you use a new mantra with a mala, this energy becomes replaced, so it is recommended to use a new mala with each mantra if conceivable. Also broadens your outlook, best for students concentration, suited for goal fulfillment, achieving targets, family bonding, long lasting relationships, attracts positive energy and good people towards you
7 Chakra Jap Mala Rosary Prayers 108-beads Necklace (3:3)
Size :- 5-6 mm
Total Beads: 108
Material: Agate Stone
Mala beads are in most cases made out of different materials, and the properties of the beads are said to have specific energetic effects. Different spiritual practices and religious traditions historically have used beads of a specific material. Mala is a Sanskrit word meaning garland. Japa means recitation, and it is traditionally used as an adjective and combined to form Japa Mala (prayer beads for meditation). Japa mala was adopted into other languages as the use and popularity of prayer beads spread. When the Romans invaded India, they mistook japa for jap, the Latin word for rose. Upon returning to Rome, mala beads were known as rosarium and later became known

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